Tantra massage – unity of the body and mind

With everyday work – free time balance hustle, meeting deadlines, responsibilities piling up, we tend to search more and more for ways to escape our hectic lifestyles. As stress gets in over our head, we feel that we are even loosing connection with ourselves, our emotions and intimacy. That`s where tantra massage can help.

Eastern philosophies and practises are gaining popularity these days and tantra massage is no exception. Same as yoga or ayurveda, tantra teaching comes from India, where it firstly appeared 7000 years ago. You don’t have to be worried that you are signing up for a brainwashing cult. Tantra is actually no religion. Although it has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism and influenced many other todays religions. Tantra massage is a set of ritualistic processes based on tantra traditions. Men and women are perceived by two elements – Shiva and Shakti, who together form a perfect harmonic union. Shiva – masculine deity represents the fundamental elements of universe, whilst dynamic feminine part Shakti makes everything come to life and act. It is often pictured as Shakti practising cosmic dance on the lying body of Shiva.


Modern tantra massage as we know it now was adapted to needs of western customers, who unlike the East are not much into meditation and spirituality. It was after tantric teaching moved to California and Europe when physical aspect of tantra in form of sensual rubdown got into forefront. Tantra massage can have different forms and ways how to perform it, according to different types of tantra philosophy. It can be practised individually, with own sexual energy and it is called “white tantra” or between partners, it is called “red tantra”. Special type – “dark tantra” works with combination of massage and specialized techniques as bondage, fetish, dominance/submission, sensory play and others. Tantric massage as lingam (penis) massage performed on man is highly popular. Women can also experience the pleasure through yoni (vagina) tantra massage. But massages are of course not just about genital parts, the sensual rubdown focus on whole body and its erogenous zones. Together with breathing techniques a person can enjoy connection of body and mind and embrace their sexuality. Especially men can learn by tantra massage how to lengthen the intimate act to experience more enjoyable moments before reaching the climax.

žena v daždi, erotika

And what are one of the most important things when you want to practise tantra massage? Open mind and willingness to try something new. Tantra massage Bratislava centre is a perfect place where you can broaden horizons either as a beginner or an experienced. Our masseuses are here to guide you through the process and give you the maximum of comfort and care. So you can dive deep into pleasure of tantra massage and find out what new your body can uncover. All in Tantra massage Bratislava centre. Feel free to check our actual offer of tantra massage and choose the best that suits you.